Green Tea Shampoo

Follow Me Green Tea Shampoo now with different plant extracts, inspired by Japan Technology, specially formulated for different needs, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that strengthen your hair roots for healthier and shinier hair.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is popular worldwide for its health benefits. It is also a good source of polyphenols, Vitamin C & Vitamin E that are helpful in stimulating hair growth & softening one’s hair. The antioxidant in Green Tea helps to strengthen the roots, promote hair growth and potentially prevent hair thinning.

Green Tea is believed to exfoliate the dry flakes that are formed as a result of dandruff. Moreover, Green Tea is a good source of polyphenols. The presence of polyphenols helps in keeping your scalp healthy.

Hair Issue

Excessive hair dyeing, bleaching, straightening or perming could cause scalp irritation & hair fragility. At the same time, unhealthy hair scalp could easily get infection which could cause inflammation, redness, itchiness, soreness & sometimes may lead to hair fall.

Poor hygiene and infrequent shampooing could cause imbalance bacteria on scalp which leads to dandruff. So, start from stronger hair roots for healthier hair scalp, means clean of dirt, debris & sebum which helps to create the ideal environment to promote healthy hair growth.